Scar tissue that I wished you saw
Sarcastic mister know it all

"It’s funny, looking back at our band. Throughout every situation — death, drug abuse, losing a member — when things went well, it was because we were honest and giving. And things didn’t go well when we weren’t. You have to be willing to love somebody no matter what. It’s a big thing on this record [Stadium Arcadium]  loving the faults. That’s what commitment is. To make something complete — a rich life, a rich record — you gotta love all the parts.” Flea, 2006

It really fills my heart with the reality of how much we love doing what we do, and how much Flea and I love each other. We have stuck together through thick and thin and we want to keep on trucking and continue to do what it is we do. I feel an immense sense of brotherhood because we actually did it together. I feel a great sense of accomplishment with Chad and Flea, and so even more excited about the nightly experience of playing live with Josh.   — Anthony Kiedis

The Red Hot Chili Peppers performing at Circuito Banco do Brasil Festival in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. November 02, 2013.

RHCP Singles → By The Way

By Geoff Moore

Behind the scenes of The Zephyr Song  ”John and Flea wanted to do something incredibly, just, kind of, obscure and psychedelic, and finding true psychedelia in this day and age is really hard to do ‘cause everyone wants to rely on computers and all the stuff that really doesn’t know how to find the core of psychedelia. So I had my reservations, but there are some moments in this video where I think it’s captured.” —  Anthony Kiedis

We’re playing different characters from rock’n’roll history. Ten each. We mainly did eras, not actual people: rockabilly, british invasion, 60’s psychedelica, funk, glam, punk, goth, hair metal, grunge, and ourselves being the sum of all those parts.

At least I have her love, the city, she loves me
Lonely as I am, together we cry


It’s a natural reaction to be inspired by your environment, all those competing energies in California. It’s so diverse there. It’s got the lowest-of-the-low-life-superficial-liposuction-mania-wanna-be-famous-for-a-minute weirdos. And then it’s got the most beautiful mountains, deserts, oceans and history or creativity of almost any place on earth. A lot of great artists have been born under those conditions, and a lot has been accomplished by this beautiful, irreparable creature that I live in.  — Anthony Kiedis, 1999